Sunday, November 25, 2007

Mix: Summer In Jibāl, Winter In Iraq

I just finished reading excerpts from Al-Mas'ūdī's The Meadows of Gold and Book of Admonition, and it (along with the Sub Rosa compilation Persian Electronic Music 1966-2006) inspired me to produce this. Functioning as a complement of sorts to my other Mid-East inspired mix, Our Weight In Oil, this one is definitely more ambient and abstract by comparison. Tracklist:

03:52 ALIREZA MASHAYEKHI - Mithra, Op.90 (edit)
08:54 GULTSKRA ARTIKLER - Arrial - Farewell Again (remake)
13:16 GEIR JENSSEN - Camp 1.5: Mountain Upon Mountain
14:45 LOREN DENT - Empires and Milk

Total running time: 22:04. Download it here (30 MB, 192k).