Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Mix: Murder Ballads and Disaster Songs

This mix has absolutely nothing to do with the Texas City disaster (April 16, 1947) pictured above. It is, however, a slew of rock songs that (in this exact order) managed to simmer through the primarily ambient and experimental folders of my mp3-player as I hit random while taking a walk in Stockholm. So I guess this mix pretty much made itself, and it made me feel like it was self-destruction time again. Better stick to birds chirping and warm, comforting drones... Tracklist:

00:00 THE ICARUS LINE - Losing Touch With My Mind (cover)
05:39 WOODEN SHJIPS - We Ask You to Ride
NO AGE - I Wanna Sleep
13:13 DEERHUNTER - Lake Somerset
16:54 BLACK LIPS - Boone (live)
18:59 AUDIONOM - And You Said I Was the Only One

Total running time: 21:56. Download it here (30 MB, 192k).

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