Sunday, November 29, 2009

Mix: Cloud, Wave, Pine

More late night listening. Environmental sounds, synths, and voices. Could use some finishing touches, but I've seen too many versions of it already, so I'm letting it go now. Enjoy!

00:00 DAVID SYLVIAN - Small Metal Gods
05:52 BLACK TO COMM - Jonathan
12:04 THE ANTLERS - Prologue + Kettering
19:59 METALLIC FALCONS - Nighttime and Morning (edit)
20:56 INVERTERAD - The Marrissa Nadler Drone Piece
23:05 RISIL - There Has to Be
27:57 ES - Kasämaan Lapset (excerpt)
31:30 LEYLAND KIRBY - When We Parted, My Heart Wanted to Die

Cloud, Wave, Pine (mix) by ljud

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