Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Mix: Auditory Bliss

It seems a lot of visitors are coming here from Low Light Mixes and such, so I'll post something a little more in that ambient, warm drone vein, if only to satisfy a few. Mixing drones and ambient music is not as demanding as other genres. There's no need to actually time anything, they all just collide gracefully, at glacial speeds - hence the tracklist not being more specific regarding the time frame. I actually passed out listening to a drone once, due to lack of sleep and something close to an auditory overload. It was nice. That track is embedded here as well. The mix was originally an effort to offer healing, therapeutic sounds - for plants and hearts, so to speak. Does well in early mornings or late evenings. Picture courtesy of my younger brother, Lars.

~00:00 GARETH HARDWICK - Lost In the Memory

STARS OF THE LID - Slight on the Childproof
NIKOS VELIOTIS & DAVID GRUBBS - The Harmless Dust pt.2
MWVM - Context Where?

Total running time: 42:51. Download it here (59 MB, 192k

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