Friday, October 5, 2007

Mix: Not All Who Wander Are Lost

I originally wanted this mix to consist of synthesizers and female vocals, with a kind of wind-swept, monochrome feel. The basis for this was the Kate Bush cover (by the ever competent Chromatics) and the song "Over and Over" by British 80's group Disco Inferno, held together by the voice of Liz Harris (Grouper). The result comes close enough. Best listened to late at night. Tracklist:

00:00 ROLAN VEGA - Painted by Children

BAT FOR LASHES - Horse and I
GROUPER - Hold A Desert, Feel Its Hand (edit)
CHROMATICS - Running Up That Hill (Kate Bush cover)
DISCO INFERNO - Over and Over
16:24 LAVENDER DIAMOND - I'll Never Lie Again

DEVENDRA BANHART - My Dearest Friend

Total running time: 21:58. Download it here (30 MB, 192k).

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