Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mix: Summer Goth

Made this on the balcony, and in Prague. There's a Alicia Keyes song with some random backing by Robyn in there, and a version of Can't Be Serious (sans the guitars) that I'm pretty proud of. Get the download version, it sounds so much better than the stream.

00:00 SS PYRAMID SNAKE - Outer Realms Pt.1
03:42 ALICIA KEYS - Try Sleeping With a Broken Heart (edit)
07:17 HEALTH - USA Boys
09:28 KYLIE MINOGUE - Two Hearts (Studio remix)
13:22 COM TRUISE - Cyanide Sisters
15:07 THE XX - Do You Mind? (edit)
17:18 HOW TO DRESS WELL - Decisions (feat. Yüksel)
19:38 FEVER RAY - When I Grow Up
24:03 oOoOo - Hearts
29:02 GLASS CANDY - Feeling Without Touching
31:45 GINNY - Can't Be Serious (edit)