Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Mix: Last Walk Around Mirror Lake

This is for my grandparents, both gone within a year. I can't help but think about the last time I visited them, and it breaks my heart.
It was so obvious that it was the last time we would see each other.
So, I guess this is the sound of my heart breaking:

GREG HAINES - Snow Airport
MICHAEL CASHMORE & ANTONY - The Snow Abides (edit)
MICHAEL CASHMORE - My Eyes Open (edit)

Total running time: 16:22. Download it here (22 MB, 192k).

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Mix: Sailing to Byzantium (v2)

New month, new mixes. This one had a more obvious maritime feel in the beginning, but spiralled out of control and it ended up including Sabbath again. Also, more Atlas Sound. But you can't get enough of those two, so I guess there's no harm done. Tracklist: (version edit)

00:00 LIARS - Sailing to Byzantium
04:02 THE DRAGONS - Amplified Emotion
07:36 ANGELS OF LIGHT - Black River Song
10:44 VETIVER - You May Be Blue
15:20 A MOUNTAIN OF ONE - Our Eyes
18:31 ATLAS SOUND - Only Love Can Break Your Heart (cover)
22:44 BLACK SABBATH - Planet Caravan
27:02 THE CURE - Sinking (demo)

Total running time: 31:54. Download it here (42 MB, 192k).